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  The range of our spare parts have expanded with new positions of Air, Oil and Fuel Filters.

  Each car owner should monitor the condition of the filters, because a bad condition of the filters can cause serious malfunctions. That’s why Solgy have expanded the range of spare parts with such filters:

  1. Solgy oil filters - are provided to catch the contaminants that form during the operation of the engine oil and are there in a suspended state.
  2. Solgy fuel filters - are provided an extreme protection against water contamination in the fuel, preserving both engine reliability and injection system from rust, wear and malfunction. The filter media of Solgy fuel filters has been designed to offer very high efficiency.
  3. Solgy air filters - are designed to eliminate the dust contained in the ambient air taken in by the engine.

  Depending on their capacity, engines at full power can take in between 200 and 500 m? of air per hour. This air contains a varying amount of impurities, and it is so important to use air filter to avoid a premature wear of the engine.

  Solgy filters are taking in consideration the high requirements in terms of robustness and lifetime in order to meet users’ expectations. Solgy filters ensure the high level of performance required by increasing efficiency needs of modern engines.